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Neckwear And TimePieces

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Autumn / Winter 2012 Preview -
Opulent Neckwear & Luxurious TimePieces
A #FashionFriday Blog Post
Very so often, a new breed of accessory comes along that seems to give every outfit an edge,  a je ne sais quoi element that you can’t quite put your finger on. At the minute, it’s statement necklaces and collars: whether it’s in the form of a dramatic necklace or a quirky detachable collar, if you invest in one accessory this season, make sure it’s for your neck. Tiny  delicate jewelry  it  ain’t:  Autumn/Winter 2012  is  all  about  adding embellishment  to  your  look  wherever  possible,  and  a  go- anywhere piece of jazzy neckwear is an easy way to get in on the trend and add a new season edge to plain shirts and t-shirts (and jumpers when it gets chilly). 
To further the look, add a luxurious watch to the ensemble.  Pairing a jewel encrusted bezel with a similar colored necklace can dress up even the simplest pair of jeans. 
And don’t worry about fitting a specific mould with this look, as there’s a different version for almost every AW12 trend. So try out fringing, heavy metal plating, neon, beads, lace, with a Red Christian Dior Watch…pretty much anything goes as long as it’s bold, eye-catching and oversized.
Plümo’s stand-out beaded version reflects the true meaning of statement: styled with minimal make-up, a fuss-free up-do and a plain white collared shirt, the tribal-style beads can take centre stage. River Island and Accessorize both have cute collar-style necklaces that will take an outfit from plain to Saturday night.  Pair this with an opulent watch by Versace and it becomes a VIP Saturday night!  Marks & Spencer’s sophisticated take on the trend blended with a classic Chanel watch will add a ladylike feel to your ensemble. 
No matter what your personal style, a statement piece of neckwear paired with a luxurious timepiece, will be the link that pulls it all together this season.
See Below For More Neckwear &  TimePiece Ensembles
Blog Post Written & Produced By: Toni DiCappo & Tisho Richardson

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